The WCIPA is actively engaged in the local medical community through a variety of programs, including:


The Mission

The Montrose Community Health Plan is a joint physician and hospital organization (PHO). Its goals include the delivery of optimum levels of medical care in the most cost effective way possible that protects the viability of the medical delivery system for residents of Montrose, San Miguel and Ouray Counties and non-residents, in order to preserve and improve the quality and scope of the local delivery system by making informed decisions and plans through attracting quality providers, developing systems that support informed decision making and proper management of patient care through education and aligning incentives among partners.

The Vision

The collaboration between physicians and Montrose Memorial Hospital, formalized by the establishment of MCHP in 1995, continues to focus on ensuring high quality health care by addressing the needs of the local community. MCHP seeks to provide patients with the opportunity to have the majority of their healthcare needs met locally. This shared vision between the physicians and the hospital enjoys a broad commitment and results in a sense of ownership to this organization within the PHO/Community..

Board Members

The following WCIPA Member physicians are currently serving on the PHO Board:

  • Dr. Joe Adragna
  • Dr. Kelly Bynum
  • Dr. Jordan Luskin
  • Dr. Jonathan Osorio
  • Dr. Shad Saunders

The Physician Engagement Team (PET) operates under the umbrella of the WCIPA and is an important collaborative effort with Rocky Mountain Health Plans.

The mission of the PET is to identify, research, develop and implement clinical quality and efficiency programs with the goal of controlling cost increases and/or improving the quality of health care provided in Montrose County.

Financial support for the work of the PET comes from the physician members of the WCIPA and Rocky Mountain Health Plans.

The current members of the PET are:

  • Dr. Greg Suchon, Chair
  • Dr. Derrick Fenten
  • Dr. Tiffany Russell
  • Dr. Teal Warthen

The Health Engagement Team (HET) pilot* is operating in a small number of advanced primary care sites providing an opportunity to access additional, community-based resources which will enable the practices to:

  1. Extend practice-based care management processes that they are developing, and
  2. Address social and behavioral factors that affect the health and total cost of care incurred by their patients using a Community Health Worker.

The Community Health Worker’s role includes:

  • Bridging the gap between the health and social service systems by advocating for patient needs,
  • Assisting patients in navigating and accessing human service programs, and
  • Supporting communication between primary care and the community mental health center.

*This pilot is made available through a collaboration between Rocky Mountain Health Plans and Mind Springs Health, a regional community mental health center made possible through a State Innovations Model grant from the State of Colorado and the CMS Innovations Center.